Dhanauji Rural Municipality Vacancy Announcement


Tutor Chetan

Dhanauji Rural Municipality

Job Vacancy Announced for Various Services

Dhanauji Rural Municipality (Gaupalika), Rural Municipal Executive Office, Dhanauji, Dhanusha, Province No. 2, Nepal notice regarding recruitment in contract service

To operate Covid-19 temporary hospital as per the letter received from the Ministry of Health and Population, Ramshahpath, Kathmandu and as per the guideline 2077 regarding the operation of Covid-19 temporary hospital at the local level and to recruit in the staff contract as per the decision of 6th village council of FY 2077/2078; Interested Nepali citizens who have reached the following qualifications are invited to apply to this office within 15 days along with the required details and receipt of payment of revenue.

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